eSIM for North America
eSIM for North America
eSIM for North America
eSIM for North America
eSIM for North America

eSIM for North America

$38.00 USD
Our best North American eSIM with unlimited calls, texts, and data within North America. Comes with a US telephone number.
  • High-Speed Internet Access: Get 50GB of fast 4G/5G mobile internet on the T-Mobile network to use within the USA.
  • Outside of the US: Enjoy unlimited 128Kbps data / internet speed in Canada and Mexico to browse the web and use popular messaging apps.
  • Calls and text: Unlimited calls and texts among USA, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Compatibility Check: Ensure your smartphone is eSIM compatible and can cover North American network frequencies. To ensure that your device is compatible it should have an EID number.
  • Flexible Validity: Choose from eSIM plans valid from 7 to 60 days.
  • Mobile hotspot: Domestic mobile hotspot is possible at 3G speed.
  • Transparent Pricing: Our prepaid eSIM has no hidden fees or charges.
  • Activation Instructions:
  1. Purchase Canada eSIM.
  2. Visit our eSIM activation page.
  3. Fill in your details and desired activation date.
  4. We will email you your eSIM a day before your desired start date.
  5. Then scan the QR code and follow the prompts that follow.
  6. Switch on your eSIM on arrival.

Travel smarter with our Canadian eSIM!

    How it works

    • Step 1

      Purchase your eSIM
      Choose a plan that meets your needs and complete the check-out process. To see plans click here
    • Step 2

      Send activation request
      Simply fill in the form on our activation page with your details and desired start date.
    • Step 3

      Switch on eSIM
      To start using your allocations, switch on your eSIM when you get to your destination.

    Connect with Family

    Use your Apps

    share your advanture


    Connect with your 
    family and friends

    Stay connected with friends and family while traveling in Country using your Country eSIM. Use the included texts and minutes, where applicable, or popular apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger for seamless communication.

    Use your favourite entertainment apps

    Use the data on the your eSIM to enjoy your favourite content on the go. Stream your favourite series, podcasts, or music directly on your mobile device while abroad.

    Share your adventure
    on social media

    Whether you’re exploring breath-taking landscapes, visiting famous landmarks, or immersing yourself in local cultures, you can capture those moments on your mobile device and upload them onto your social media accounts.

    Why choose us?

    Fast data speeds!
    4G/5G data speeds from leading mobile network providers.
    Free Shipping!
    We’ll deliver your eSIM straight to your email account.
    Easy recharge!
    Easily top-up your eSIM with a few clicks on our website
    Fully Prepaid!
    Empowering you to manage your usage throughout your trip.
    Zero roaming fees!
    No hidden charges. No activation fees. No unexpected surprises.
    Works on iOS & android!
    Works on compatible eSIM-enabled unlocked iOS & Android devices.
    24/7 customer support!
    Customer support available in multiple languages (English, French & German)
    Activation steps included!
    These are included with your eSIM and delivered straight to your mailbox.
    Multiple options!
    Choose from a wide range of options when purchasing your eSIM.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    When will I receive my eSIM?

    We will send you your eSIM by e-mail on your desired activation date after successful activation.

    Which devices does this eSIM work in?

    The eSIM works in compatible unlocked, eSIM enabled iOS and android devices.

    How do I activate my Country eSIM?

    To activate your Country eSIM, simply:
    • Purchase Country eSIM.
    • Visit our eSIM activation page.
    • Fill in your details and desired activation date.
    • We will send you your eSIM a day before your desired start date.
    • Then scan the QR code and follow the prompts that follow. Switch on your eSIM on arrival.
    What if I exceed my allowance. am I charged roaming fees?
    No, you will not be charged any roaming fees. When you exhaust your allowance; you will not be able to use the eSIM unless you recharge. This ensure that there aren’t any unexpected costs or surprises.

    You can use this link to recharge your eSIM.
    How do I recharge my eSIM?
    For eSIMs that can be recharged.
    You can recharge your Country eSIM by following this recharge link. Once you arrive on the page, enter your SIM code, select the desired option, and complete the checkout process.

    For eSIMs that cannot be recharged.
    Unfortunately some eSIMs cannot be recharged. You can still however buy a new eSIM and send in your activation request to instantly get and activate your eSIM.
    Do I get a phone number with this SIM Card?
    For eSIMs with phone numbers.
    If the purchased eSIM includes a telephone number you will receive your number, via email, after the eSIM has been successfully activated.
    Will this eSIM work in my home country?
    No, this eSIM will not work in your home country. The eSIM can only be used in the country it was bought for.
    Can I use this eSIM for another trip in future?
    To keep your eSIM active, you need to recharge it before the plan expires. We recommend that you send your recharge request at least two days before your plan expires. You can use this recharge link.
    What is included in the package?
    We will send you the following information, electronically after purchase:
    • eSIM – 1 day before desired start date.
    • Activation Instructions – 1 day before desired start date.
    What is your return policy?
    eSIMs can be returned within 14 days provided it:
    • Hasn’t been activated.
    • Hasn’t been used.
    How can I contact Customer service?
    You can contact the English-speaking customer service team:
    +44-2036083032 (UK)
    +1-78782266479 (USA)

    To contact the German-speaking customer service team:
    +49-33812692599 (DE)

    To contact the French-speaking customer service team:
    +49-33812692598 (FR)