Cost Control

We guarantee you complete cost control. Since the SIM cards are all prepaid cards, you can start calling and surfing without worries. If you should need more credit, minutes of conversation or Internet then you can simply order it from us online. But you'll never pay more than you want. There are no hidden costs and no monthly costs and of course no roaming in the country of travel.

Why is it so important - More benefits

Today you are used to be reachable and online with your smartphone. Whether you want to check WhatsApp, Facebook/Twitter or just the emails you need internet. In your own country you have flat rates but abroad they do not apply. If you think that it doesn't cost so much to use the internet abroad, you're mistaken. Prices up to 9.90 Euro per megabyte may apply, depending on the destination country and mobile phone network. The worst thing is that it is very difficult to estimate how much data is being used. There is no cost control at all except perhaps that of shutting down. A survey by the European Union has shown that a large proportion of holidaymakers still do so. This quickly takes you back to the age before the Internet and mobile telephony.

There is a very simple solution order an international SIM card before departure and have it sent to you free of charge. Simply book the option you need and meet your personal usage requirements. This is not more expensive than what you pay in your home country and above all you can go on holiday or business trip without worries. As soon as you arrive in the country you can change your SIM card and start surfing and making phone calls. You don't pay any roaming costs and take advantage of the super low local rates. So it doesn't get cheaper and you can call your colleagues at home or at home without any problems because travSIM always attaches importance to taking the mobile phone provider with the cheap international rates.

Signs with a lot of city names on it for a global direction
Signs with a lot of city names on it for a global direction

With the SIM card from travSIM you can use your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet just like at home. Of course, you can also connect your laptop either through a UMTS stick or the perfect solution for multiple devices is the mobile WLAN router. The mobile WLAN is also the perfect solution for small workgroups.
Most smartphones also offer the possibility to send the mobile data connection to the laptop via WLAN, so that the Internet on the smartphone and laptop can be used simultaneously, this is called tethering.

If you are not travelling alone but as a family or group or several business travellers, we at travSIM offer a substantial discount on the second and all other SIM cards you order together. This means that you can also stay in touch with each other in the country of travel. This means that different options can also be ordered for the individual SIM card. Even if the additional SIM cards have not booked an option, you remain available. In many countries we also offer free phone calls to each other. In foreign countries you can lose yourself quickly and if you can call yourself for free then that is already super.