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European Union prepaid travel SIM card (incl. Switzerland)

European Union prepaid travel SIM card (incl. Switzerland)

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About Product

- No roaming fees in Europe (European Union)
- Affordable local rates
- Complete cost control. No hidden fees or charges. (Prepaid SIM)
- No credit check. No contracts
- Perfect for iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones of all kinds, laptops or UMTS sticks and mobile Wi-Fi routers. (Any SIM lock free device)
- Fast mobile internet data - see available options and packages

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Advantages of a European Union Sim Card

- Stay connected to your loved ones while travel
- No contract, no roaming, no additional costs, no worries. Simply because it's a prepaid SIM.
- We register and activate the SIM for you so that you can start using the SIM as soon as you arrive in the European Union
- Fast shipping worldwide
- We offer all SIM card sizes (standard, micro & nano) for all types of devices.
- Fast mobile internet wherever you are in the European Union.

  • Device Compatibility of European Union Sim Card

    We supply the triple cut / 3 in 1 SIM card. That means they come in Standard, Micro & Nano sizes. Perfect for all mobile devices, Android and Apple smartphones & tablets as well as laptops, UMTS sticks and mobile WIFI

  • Activation for a European Union Sim Card

    Quick and easy activation - We ensure that your sim card is activated a day before your departure with a phone number allocated in less than 24 hours

  • Recharging for a European Union Sim Card

    Need more data? You can efficiently recharge your SIM card at any time

  • Stay Connected with a European Union Sim Card

    No need to wait till you find an area with wifi! With your travel sim card from travSIM you can stay connected to all social media and apps.

Where you can use a European Union Sim Card

You can use this travel sim card anywhere in the European Union.

Who can you call with a European Union Sim Card

With this travel sim card, you can call anyone within the European Union