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Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQs)


What is an international travel SIM card?


A travel SIM card is a SIM solution that can be used internationally (in any country in the world) for data, SMS & voice minutes.

What are the benefits of prepaid travel SIM card?


The benefits of a prepaid travel SIM card is that they are 90% cheaper than roaming & you can control your costs since they are prepaid.

Do I get a local number with an international travel SIM card?


Yes, you get a local number with our all-in-one international travel SIM card

What is the best international travel SIM card?


The best international travel SIM cards in 2022 are available from an international travel SIM card company based in Germany

How do I get or buy an international tourist SIM card online?


To buy an international tourist SIM card online visit and navigate to the continent or country of choice to make a purchase that includes free delivery worldwide.

How do I activate a travel SIM card?


To activate tour travel SIM card visit

How do I recharge or top-up a travel SIM card?


To recharge or top-up your travel SIM card visit

Can a tourist get a SIM card before leaving their home country?


Yes, we ship all our travel SIM cards to your door-step before you leave for your overseas trip.

How does a prepaid travel SIM card work?


A prepaid travel SIM card works like any other SIM card except there are no roaming charges.

Why do I need a tourist SIM card when travelling internationally?


A tourist SIM card will reduce your roaming charges by at least 90% and its prepaid, ensuring that you can control your communication costs while travelling.

What is a tourist SIM card?


A tourist SIM card is a prepaid international SIM card that will help you reduce your roaming costs by 90% and comes with a local phone number.